About Me

Let’s make this much more than the usual Hi, I am Aishwarya and I love to make things. I have a passion to craft great products and experiences. Because you would not have believed me,  even if all of this was written in third person. While these statements do encompass it all, I wish to tell you the why.

My gravitation towards the world of design has been slow but a natural one. This drift had started early on, with me copying diagrams from my sister’s science books when I was six and all of it probably became an exclamation mark the day I was staring at a printer jam at work when I thought, “This thing is not well designed.” It was a liberating sentence to say, it really felt good and I want everyone to be able to say that when things made for them do not work for them.

Design, for me, is about asking the right questions, and these are more important than the eloquent answers. Thus, I have trouble favoring one aesthetic over another because, for me, everything fits well if used the right way.

What makes me happy – the hot showers before heading to the final deliverable presentations. Repairing something at home.

I love working in teams –  the best ideas come in the presence of individuals having the skills that I do not. ( Your engineering and marketing/sales teams would love me )

I like to watch old movies to catch up with the eras I have missed, I also use it as an opportunity to observe the products and services they had back then; it is interesting to compare some activities shown in them with how they are done today, or how some activities have completely disappeared altogether. I sometimes post my thoughts here for my own reference.
Currently, shokunin is a word I am fixated with. 


A detailed downloadable copy is available here.


  • Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant
    College of Art & Design,
    Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester (Jan ’17 – present)

– Teaching Assistant for a graduate level design history & writing course and a senior industrial design course on accessibility.
– Teaching Assistant for a graduate course on 3D printing and product design supported by Makerbot and Autodesk.
– Co-authored a paper for E&PDE Conference 2017.

  • Designer – Researcher
    Studio930 Design Consultancy,
    Simone Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Rochester (Jun – Aug ’17) | (Jun – Aug ’18)

– R&D for a data-driven customizable cushion for prevention and management of pressure sores.
– External consultant to a healthcare startup for user interface development, branding and information architecture.
– Led the development of a passive cooling packaging solution for extending the life of blood bags in-transit.

  • Webdesigner
    Freelance Consultant, New Delhi, India (Feb ’15 – Aug ‘16)

– Website design, graphics and content strategy for clients ranging from home decor showrooms, hardware fitting manufacturers and filmmakers.

  • Design Intern
    Visual Communication & Graphic Design,
    Ideafarms, Gurgaon (Jun – Jul ‘13)

– Assisted the visual communication design team for website development, promotional content & information architecture.


MFA – Industrial & Product Design
Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Art & Design (expected 2019)
Rochester, NY

B.E. – Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
(2009 – 13)
Delhi, India

Contact Details

Email: uniyalaishwarya(at)gmail(dot)com.

Phone: +I 585 287 OO-five-eight